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A Few Words About Us

JMC is a family-owned and operated title company, specializing in title insurance for the state of Texas. Our offices are fully-staffed with experienced, licensed Escrow Officers and assistants, specifically designed to provide the support needed to offer supreme quality service to every single client. We are a small company with an educated and dedicated staff who enjoy going above and beyond to give you the best experience possible. You have a company full of people who want to provide the information you need through every step of your transaction. Our focus is not about getting business in our doors. It’s about providing exceptional service to whatever business comes through our doors. We are committed to building strong relationships that will outlast the industry standard as we keep striving to always be better than the industry standard.

We pride ourselves on keeping our fees low and simple by making disclosures for title fees straightforward and consistent. Our fees are the lowest in the industry today.

Our referral business is testimony that we are committed to distinguishing ourselves from our competitors by providing superior, quality service.

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